Laptop Repair Service Dallas

Laptop Repair Service Dallas

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Are you Looking For Laptop Repair Service In Dallas? Do you want to speed up your Laptop? Is there a virus on your Laptop? Is your Laptop having display issues, power issues, connections issues, Network issues, Heating issues, Is there a loud fan noise on your Laptop? Are there any Speaker problems with your Laptop?

Dell Laptop Repair Service, Lenovo Laptop Repair Service, Asus Laptop repair Service, Acer Laptop Repair service, Chromebooks Repair Service, Microsoft Surface pro repair services, Samsung Laptop Repair Services, HP Laptop Repair Services, Toshiba Laptop Repair Services, Gaming Pc Repair Services, and any other Windows Laptop you may have.

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Is Your Laptop Slow?

Mac Tech Service know how to Speed up Your Laptop, Slow Laptop is many the side effects of old Hard Drive However sometimes it’s because of Low Memory or Malicious Software. Mac Tech Service Provide Laptop tune Up services, Hard Drive Upgrade Services, memory Upgrade Services, Clean up services, and many more.

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Laptop Repair Services We Provide:

  • Slow Laptop Repair Services Dallas
  • Laptop Tune-Up Services Dallas
  • Laptop Virus Removal Services Dallas
  • Laptop Blue Screen Of Death (BOSD) Repair Service Dallas
  • Laptop Data Recovery Services Dallas
  • Liquid Damaged Laptop Repair Service Dallas
  • Laptop Hard Drive Services Dallas
  • Laptop Memory Services Dallas
  • Laptop Not Power On Repair Services Dallas
  • Dead Laptop Repair Services Dallas
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair Services Dallas
  • Laptop Graphic Repair Services Dallas
  • Laptop Keyboard Services Dallas
  • Laptop Monitor Repair Service Dallas
  • Laptop Trackpad Repair Service Dallas
  • Laptop Screen Replacement Service Dallas
  • Laptop Wifi Issue Repair Services Dallas

Do You Want To Upgrade Your Laptop?

Hard drive Upgrade Service Dallas

Mac Tech Service Provide a Hard drive Upgrade service on your Laptop, Upgrading our hard drive gives you more storage to store your files, photos, videos, music, and more. A hard drive Upgrade also boosts the performance of your Laptop. Data Recovery Service Dallas-Mac Tech Service

Laptop SSD Replacement Service Dallas

Do you know SSD can make your Laptop much faster than you imagine off? Average SSD is 100 times faster and lasts longer than a typical Hard disk Drive. It’s because SSD doesn’t have any Moving parts inside it. The read and Write Speed of SSD is higher than Hard disk Drive.


Hard Disk Drive VS SSD- Mac Tech Service

Laptop RAM/ Memory upgrade Service Dallas

Do you like to have a Laptop that can multitask smoothly? Are you looking for a Laptop that can run big applications like a photo or video editor? Well, Simple upgrading the RAM may help you. Memory upgrade on the Laptop helps to speedily open application, smooth Multitasking, reduces of freezes or hangs.

Laptop RAM/Memory Upgrade Service Dallas-Mac Tech Service

Laptop Data Recovery Service?

Have you Recently Lost Data by any Means? Don’t Worry, accidents happen. This is the Reason Mac tech service here. Mac Tech Service Provide The Data Recovery Service. Our technician can take your data back from the Hard drive of your Laptop with a 99% of success rate. Mac tech service Provide All 3 levels of data recovery service.

Levels of Data Recovery

Level 1 Data Recovery

Data Recovery- Level 1 on hard disk drives is caused by a logical error. These logical errors can be fixed by software and code. Level 1 data recovery results in deletion, loss, and corruption of data from the hard drive. Some of the level 1 data recovery are

  • File corruption
  • Virus infection on the hard drive
  • Operation system installed improperly.
  • Loss or deleted files

Level 2 Data Recovery

Data Recovery- Level 2 on the hard drive is also caused by logical errors. These logical errors can also be fixed by software and code. However, this logical error is extensive work and required more expertise, experience, and resources than level 1 data recovery. Level 2- data recovery does not require a cleanroom. Some of the level 2 data recovery are

  • Hard drive firmware corruption
  • Hard drive is formatted and overwritten
  • Excessive bad sectors
  • Bad PCB

Level 3 Data Recovery

Data Recovery- Level 3 on the hard drive is caused by physical damage. These errors cannot be fixed by software or codes. Level 3 data recovery required the opening of the hard drive in a cleanroom. This Level 3 data recovery takes from 2 days to 3 months depending upon the availability of donor hard drive, for example replacing the head might need to be done 2 or 3 times if data recovery fails on the first attempt.

  • Replacement of head or read/write
  • Bad Motor inside the hard drive
  • liquid damaged hard drive
  • Knocked or physically damaged hard drive


Experienced and Certified Technicians, Fast Service, 60 Days Warranty on Parts

Technicians of Mac Tech Service are highly experienced, Apple certified, and capable of working on any Apple Laptop. Mac Tech Service is here for you. A strongly glued MacBook Battery requires gentle and precise service. Mac Tech Service has technicians, certified, and highly skilled for working on all Apple Mac Laptops such as iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod, and iPhone. Our experienced technicians work on Windows Laptops, laptops, Custom built PC, Data Recovery, Virus Removal, and more. We provide repair and services in Dallas, North Dallas, Addison, North Central, Carrollton, Richardson, Hebron, The Colony, Lewisville, Farmers Branch, West Plano, East Plano, Frisco, Prosper, far North Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Midway Road, Rosemeade Parkway, Frankford Road, East Trinity Mills Road. Mac-Tech Service in Dallas provide services on zip code such as 75287, 75093, 75010, 75007, 75006, 75001, 75252, 75248, 75075, 75254, 75234, 75240, 75230, 75007, 75057.


Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Which Laptop do you repair?

A: Mac tech service provide repair service for all kinds of laptop such as Dell, Asus, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, MSI, Razer, Microsoft, Apple, and other local brands you have.

Q: Do you also Repair Chromebooks?

A: We Do repair all kinds of laptops including Chromebooks, Surface Pro, Gaming Laptop, School Laptop, windows Tablets.

Q: I think my Laptop has a virus on it, can you remove it?

A: Yes Mac Tech service provides virus removal for all PC and Mac. We also remove Malware, Spyware, and other malicious software.

Q: My laptop is slow, how can I make it faster? Can you do it?

A: Most of the laptop contains a hard disk drive as a hard drive which gets slower with the use. the laptop also becomes slow because of low Memory, and outdated software. mac tech service provides various upgrade services like had drive, Memory, Software, Operating system.

Q: My laptop screen got broken, Do you repair it?

A: Yes, the Mac tech service replaces the screen on all laptops and Chromebooks.

Q: My laptop battery doesn’t give enough backup? do I need to replace it?

A: You Have to make sure it’s the battery issue before replacing it, Most of the time it’s a battery but not always. if your laptop battery is old or swollen you have to replace the battery. Consult with our Technician and they will give you the solutions accordingly.

Q: My laptop turns on but I can’t see anything on display, it is just black and sometimes blue. Can you fix it?

A: It seems the laptop has an issue of (BSOD) Blue screen of death or black screen of death. It can be an issue with BIOS, Memory, Hard drive or can be anything Our Technicians are expert on diagnoses, Consult with our technicians.

Other Laptop Services

Laptop Hard drive issue Repair

Are you having any hard drive issues on your laptop? is your laptop not reading the Hard drive? is your laptop hard drive making noise, are you having a slow laptop, is your laptop hard drive old, Mac tech service provides services for all kinds of hard drive issues with the laptop. It is very essential to have a healthy hard drive because all of your data and software information of the laptop is stores on the hard drive itself read more

Laptop Data Recovery Services 

Have you Recently Lost Data by any Means? Don’t Worry, accidents happen. This is the Reason Mac tech service here. Mac Tech Service Provide The Data Recovery Service. Our technician can take your data back from the Hard drive of your computer with a 99% of success rate. Mac tech service Provide All 3 levels of data recovery service read more

Slow Laptop Repair Service

Are you tired of having a slow Laptop? The Speed and performance of the laptop depend upon various factors such as the use pattern, health of the battery, age of CPU, a load of application, old operating system, incompatible parts or software, Virus, malware, or other malicious software. Mac Tech Service knows how to Speed up Your Laptop, Slow laptop is many of the side effects of an old Hard Drive However sometimes it’s because of Low Memory or Malicious Software. Mac Tech Service Provide laptop tune Up services, Hard Drive Upgrade Services, memory Upgrade Services, Clean up services, and many  read more

Laptop Motherboard Issue Repair

Mac tech service provides laptop motherboard repair services for all types of laptops, pc, computers, MacBooks, cellphone, and other electronics gadgets.  Mac tech service Specialize in motherboard circuit repair, Motherboard RAM slot Repair, Charging ports repair, USB ports Repair, HDMI ports repair, Ethernet ports repair, liquid damaged motherboard repair read more

Laptop Heating Issue Repair

All electronics produce heat up to a certain point. If your laptop is heating abnormally it’s mostly because of two reasons. either the cooling system of the laptop is not working or the laptop itself producing excessive heat. also, your laptop is slow because of the heat itself, when the laptop heats more than normal point the CPU decreases its power which causes a slow laptop. Mac tech service diagnoses and repair a laptop that has heating issues read more

Laptop Screen Issue Repair

Are there any screen issues with your laptop like a broken screen, LCD  bleeding, Black screen, white screen, blue screen, flickering screen, lines in the screen, screen hinge is broken, screen cable has broken, screen flex has broken, screen connector is broken, no backlight on the screen. Mac tech services provide all kinds screen related services for all laptops, cellphones, Chromebooks read more

Liquid Damaged Laptop Repair

Accidents happen, Do not worry if you ever got liquid damage on your laptop, Mac tech service provides quick water damage treatment service for liquid damaged laptops. if you spill any liquid while it’s turn on, turn it off immediately, unplug the power plug if it is connected. disconnect the battery if possible. Keep laptop in a dry place(Do not put in rice) and visit us. our technician analyzes the damage and treats it accordingly read more

Laptop Battery Issue Repair

Are you having any problems with the laptop battery? Do you want to replace the battery on your laptop? is your laptop battery swollen? is your laptop doesn’t give enough battery backup? is your laptop battery is not charging? Mac Tech service provides battery replacement services for all laptops with 60 days of warranty read more

Laptop Upgrade and Repair 

Are you thinking of buying a new laptop? Do you know you can save money by upgrading the existing laptop you have? or do you have an old laptop haven’t used for a while? mac tech service provides all possible upgrade and maintenance services for all laptops like Hard Disk Drive Upgrade, SSD upgrade, NVMe SSD upgrade, CPU upgrade, Battery upgrade, Software update service, wifi card upgrade service read more

Laptop charging ports Repair

Are you having any charging issues with the laptop you have? is your laptop is not charging at all? Mac tech service solves various laptop charging issues repair like, not charging repair service, charging port replacement services, charging IC repair services, Power IC repair services, charging port clean up services, slow charging repair services read more

Laptop Keyboard And Touchpad Repair

Are you looking for a laptop keyboard or Touchpad repair service in Dallas? Mac Tech Service provides such services. Mac tech service provides services like keyboard replacement, Keyboard clean up, trackpad repair, trackpad replacement, keyboard frame replacement, keyboard IC repair,  keyboard keys replacement read more

Laptop Graphic Card Repair 

Are you a power user of a laptop, do you use video editing software or play games on a laptop? Are you having a bad graphic output on the screen of our laptop? is your laptop freeze while performing high graphics activity. Mac tech service provide the graphic optimization service for a laptop as well as graphic card replacement and repair services for suitable laptop read more

Laptop Network Issue Repair

Are you having any Network issues like wifi not working or Bluetooth not working on the laptop? Mac tech service provides such repairs as wifi not showing repair, wifi Card replacement, Wifi modem replacement, Bluetooth IC repair, ethernet port repair, and other networking issues read more